Our company is operating in the field of manufacturing of adult and BDSM products for international market since 2010. Each one of our products is COMPLETELY  AND  ENTIRELY  HANDMADE, which provides control through every step of the creation process.

They are much more than nice looking, but comfortable to wear and most importantly – functional.

You can check the TESTIMONIALS from our customers about us.

Our fetish hoods are result of combining the classical geometry, amazing capabilities of computer design and good traditions. Modeled in a computer environment to the smallest detail, our masks are sewn by skilled hands used to touch the leather with tenderness and big care.

We from EspressivoClub follow our own individual style of modeling and never add details in the models just because everyone else is doing it. For example our hoods have no openings for the nostrils – they are designed in a unique way allowing air to circulate freely, reaching the nose without depriving you of the desired sense of restriction.

All accessories offered with our hoods are with the same high quality and established standard as our masks are. They are purposely designed to attach quickly and securely with Velcro – it gives comfort and much more – once taken down there is no any trace on the hood of accessories’ presence – just a mask with clean design and nothing superfluous is forgotten, right?

We can talk a long time about our products. But do you really need that ?
hey are just  WHAT  YOU  SEE  !


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