Since 2010 our company designs high quality BDSM equipment for the international market. Since all our products are hand-crafted in our own factory, we can always guarantee the excellent quality.

Our products not only look good and fantastic to feel – primarily we value the perfect functionality! This is also reflected in the ratings of our customers.

The special feature of our designs is the interplay between traditional craftsmanship and modern product development. The result is fetish masks and accessories that are so incredibly comfortable that you can fully immerse yourself in your favorite fantasy.

The flexible material adapts close to the head shape. Our masks are completely without nostrils, because our innovative manufacturing process allows the air to circulate perfectly even with completely closed masks.

For our masks, we use only soft artificial leather, which is manufactured according to strict organic quality standards in the EU. A material that has no disturbing odor and feels like a second skin.

We would love to talk for hours about our masks and show you great photos of our products; but then we would steal you the pleasure of experiencing and feeling it for yourself.

WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET – this is our promise!