A lesson to learn

The story of one sub

This time her voice comes from the left, feeling her warm breath in my ear, she whispered:

“Do you know what they say… that submission is not in the bowing of head or knees but in the humbling of your whole being – spirit, soul and body… remember it.”

Bound with blindfold, embracing the darkness, I felt how my whole body and mind belong to her, to her will. I wanted to say so many things to her, but my mouth was tightly bound with a gag. She wanted me to be obedient and quiet..


 “Oh, you can’t answer me! – she was laughing.- That’s better… I feel how your body is shaking right now, enjoying my touch. Some people are born to be doctors or policemen, but you, my filthy boy, you are born to serve me and please me and that’s the only thing  you  have to know!”

My mistress was right as always… she owned me the whole and I was ready to give her everything she wants from me