A Punishment in the elevator

We were back from a party in friend’s place

He was very bad boy in all the evening…

Now is a time he to thinks about his mistakes and to pay for them..

Is the pleasure time for Punishment.


2 a.m.  – everybody is sleeping. 18 floors – good high for up-down driving punishment

He on his knees in the corner of the elevator. Hands – caught in cuffs for limited movements and difficulty standing up.

Sensory deprivation leather hood with zippers for isolating him from every possible influence of hearing and seeing anything from the outside world.

The rules – he is allowed to stand up only when the elevator reaches the first floor and only to push the button for the 18th floor back. After it he has to turn back on the knees in his corner. I’m giving him 2 up-down tours with open zippers in the eyes so he has limited time to get used to the position of the buttons on the board of the elevator – after it he has to do in the darkness of the leather mask.

I will wait for him on the 18th floor every time to send him back on the first.

He was a bad boy… Now I will be the bad mistress!