The Diary of Mistress High Hills – 2/10

Day 2

Taming of the Shrew. Part One

As a dominant woman I can easily differentiate my subordinate’s men of different types in terms of their behavior and propensity to obey. I will not dwell on the typical slave man who is willing to serve the Mistress at any cost unquestioningly. Today I want to talk about another kind of case of submission where obedience is as desirable as it is difficult to achieve.

He is strong, self-confident and irresistible. Clever and knows well his price. Does not fall easily into the legs of a woman, if he is not convinced that it’s worth. And for the last  – he wants proofs. Argues and sets limits, trying to determine the rules and course of the sexual game. He is impudent, who not just wants, but he believes he deserves everything and deserves it now. He wants to obey, but actually expects the Mistress to serve his fetishes and needs.

He is that wild animal that every hunter dreams to have it as a trophy. Myself, as a sexual hunter made it to catch in my pervert net such impudent.

How I settled him down and turned him from an arrogant selfish bastard in my little puppet I am going to share with you next time.

I will just tell you that I was not good with him at all.

It was quite humiliating and painful for him.

And in fact, it is still..

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