“The mask has no holes for the nose, how does the sub breath when the both accessories are put on?”

leather hood with soft blindfold and mouth bondage - bdsm mask

Restrict Leather Hood with Soft Blindfold & Mouth Bondage is designed in a way allowing to be used together with the both accessories in the set without additional holes for the nose.

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The soft blindfold fits gently to the eyes without letting in any flow of light and at the same time it doesn’t exert pressure on them, so allowing through the holes for the eyes to enter a limited but sufficient air in the mask.

The mouth bondage adheres very closely to the mouth and does not allow air flow to it at all. So who wear the mask can use only his/her nose for breathing.

We strongly recommend when our masks are used with accessories not especially created for them to exercise caution and to be tested in advance for the tolerance of those who will wear them and in no case to be left unattended.

Note: The whole conception of the model excludes nose holes, but if you prefer your mask to have it we can put them additionally free of charge, just let us know upfront.