The Diary of Mistress High Hills – 3/10

Unexpected punishment

Day 3


It was my new sub ‘s birthday party.

I was in a very good mood, waiting to show him my present. He is new in d/s relationships and still learning a lot of new things about it.

Before his desire to step into the other world of pleasure and bdsm experience, he was a womanizer, chasing the girls at night clubs and switching them every night.

It was easy for me to catch that his playboy instincts were still alive staring horny at the butts of all girls in the crush.


The party was to its end and I had no patience to see my naughty boy in the gift I prepared for him – his first bondage hood and briefs with zippers for more kinky fun in the play.

He put exited the underwear and the mask on and till I was tiding the laces on the back he watched himself in the mirror proud and happy.


It was time to show him more from my world

I grabbed his hand push him in the bathroom and said:

 “Sit on the toilet and think what you did wrong and why you disrespect your Domme in front of the people. You will stay here with shut mouth all night until you are ready to change your behavior.”

His eyes wеre filled of grief and regret .. and I liked it!

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For the first time he felt the sweet bitterness of the punishment and the joy to be submissive.

He took his first lesson that if he disappoints me, I will be his strict Mistress with every time unexpected punishment.

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And soon, my pretty slave, soon you will just forget your senseless life before.