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Mens leather Briefs with double zipper

Mens leather Briefs with double zipper

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Our Men's Leather Briefs with Double Zipper are lustrous and irresistibly seductive. Their tight fit and low waist will form your package in an aggressive and attractive way.

The zipper placed along the entire length is equipped with two opposite sliders, providing unimpeded access to all important and exciting places, such as the penis, testicles, perineum, and anus.

The briefs can be opened at all sides by using the sliders to adjust the width of the hole.

They are secured with a leather strip on the inside to keep all sensitive areas from unpleasant contact with the zipper.

The lining at the front is a true advantage over similar products on the market, as it allows the briefs to be easily and efficiently cleaned.

In a closed position, the leather lining fully shields the penis from the zipper on the inner side, avoiding the unpleasant feeling of constant rubbing.

They are comfortable for extended wearing because their traditional pattern excludes the widely available uncomfortable leather waistbands. Instead, they have a 3 cm wide elastic on the waist, which is hidden underneath a layer of leather and provides an even distribution of pressure on the body.


IMPORTANT: The leather retains moisture and body fluids close to the body, creating a maddening sensation of excitement. To avoid unpleasant inflammations, we recommend mandatory removal of stains and debris after each stripping of slip (use a soft cloth soaked in water, then wipe) and regular washing according to the instructions on the laundry label.

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Premium PU leather, manufactured in Europe


Please refer to size chart above. If you need assistance with picking the right size, use the contact form

Care instructions

Wash at or below 30 °C
Do not bleach
Do not tumble dry
Dry in the shade
Do not iron
Do not dry clean