What kind of artificial leather do you use for your products?

The material we use is PU (polyurethane) leather which is especially produced and lab tested for us. It meets all EU requirements for quality and health safety, it allows machine washing and the material itself is very soft which makes our products comfortable for extended wearing.

Is it correct that the ordered items need to be washed first? or is it possible that you wash it before you ship it?

Please be aware that the washing is suitable only for our products made from vegan leather*. We recommend they to be washed before their first use for best hygiene as they have a contact with the skin.

We don’t have the practice to wash the product after sewing as the item passes a several more stages before being sent to the customer all handmade (including packaging) which makes the washing upfront inefficient.

All of our products made from PU leather keep their good quality after machine washing (at or below 30°C,  not tumble dry – should get dry in a shadow) which makes their maintain really easy.

* The used vegan leather is PU Leather

How restricted is breathing without nose holes?

The original version of the mask (without nose holes) is created as a very restrictive bondage hood. The mask is designed in a way allowing to be used together with the both accessories available in the offer without additional holes for the nose. The soft blindfold fits gently to the eyes without letting in any flow of light and at the same time it doesn’t exert pressure on them, so allowing through the holes for the eyes to enter a limited but sufficient air in the mask. The muffle gag adheres very closely to the mouth and does not allow air flow to it at all. So who wear the mask can use only his/her nose for breathing. When the sub makes fellatio for example, a slightly suffocating effect is obtained.

The version with nose holes gives slightly limited but constant air flow. Additionally for more intensive play the dominant could put his finger for a while on one of the holes raising the excitement forcing his sub to breathe faster.

Is the PU leather thong comfortable to be worn all day?

As such perception is strictly individual, please consider the following:

  • The cut and the way it is sewn make the thong comfortable for wearing. The material has some elasticity and the elastic is full leather-covered which brings extra comfort.
  • As the leather itself is soft but thick material it is not breathable. The thong is full leather-covered from inside which brings exactly the opposite effect – retains moisture and body fluids close to the body, creating a maddening horny sensation.
  • Being leather lined inside it is very practical as it allows quick and easy cleaning where the thong gets dirty.