ONE DAY HANDLING TIME  – have your bdsm products from Espressivo Club shipped on the next working day

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Update: 21.12.2020

espressivo club, espressivoclub, happy holidaysDear Friends,

Because of the upcoming Winter Holidays, temporary we extended the processing time in 2-3 weeks. Please be aware that all orders placed in the period of 21 Dec 2020 to 02 Jan 2021 will be shipped as of 04 Jan 2021 in the order of their receiving. 

Thank you for trusting our work and choosing our products in all these years! From The whole Espressivo Club Team we wish you Health, Happiness and Success in the new 2021!

Joyful Holidays, Friends!

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Update: 31.07.2020

 bdsm, espressivoclub, summer holiday, bondageDear Friends,

Our team is going for а short summer break in the next 2 weeks. Therefore please be aware that we will be able to fulfill your orders in the period 17.08-21.08 in order of their receipt.
If you need your item earlier, please contact us before to place your order! We will keep our mobile devices with us so we will stay available for any questions.
Thank you for trusting our work and choosing our products!
Stay safe and enjoy the summer,
your Espressivo Club

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 Update: 20.03.2020

Extraordinary Circumstances – 3 WEEKS HANDLING TIME

Dear Friends,

Тhe complicated situation worldwide and the measures taken from the majority of countries to limit the worldwide distribution of Covid-19 (canceled flights, closure of national borders, discontinuation of accepting inbound and outbound shipments and etc.) forced us to prolong the handling time to 3 weeks. We will let you know if situation doesn’t normalize when it is scheduled to dispatch your order.

We from Espressivo Club would like to assure you that our team daily monitor the updates and we will use every possible shipping window to dispatch your items. Please stay calm that no matter how long the unpleasant situation continues there will be no unfulfilled order!

We very sorry for that extraordinary circumstances and we all hope that these challenging times are going soon to end.

If you have any questions or you would need our further support, we remain always at your disposal.

Stay safe,

Your Espressivo Club Team

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Update: 20.12.2019 

Dear Friends,

It is Christmas time again – after very successful year our dedicated team will take a deserved rest for the upcoming Winter Holidays. Therefore please be aware that all of your orders placed in the period 20.12.2019-05.01.2020 will be shipped on 06.01-09.01.2020 (in order of their receipt). If you need your products to be dispatched earlier, please contact us before placing the order.

Thank you very much for your understanding and Happy Holidays to All!

Your Espressivo Club team


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To enjoy your new BDSM gear as fast as possible, we do our best to cut the handling time to ONE working day after order and clear payment. For some articles from the Fetish Clothing section, for customized orders, if it’s explicitly written in the ad or in the busy months before Christmas we would may need 3-5 working days before dispatching. Nevertheless be sure we will compensate the prolonged time by shipping your parcel with Priority Shipping service which cuts the standard delivery on half.

If you need your product to be delivered not later than a certain date, please contact us upfront to discuss together how we could make it possible.

We from Espressivo Club are here to make your shopping in the bdsm and fetish market a pleasant experience with guaranteed high quality result. Ask, brows, share and purchase with confidence!

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Dear Friends,
In the next 9 days (until 18.08.2019) we will be in a team-building, challenging ourselves with an extreme hike in the mountain. We will be able to ship your orders placed during that period on 19-20 August according to the order of their receipt.
If the circumstances required your bdsm products to be dispatched earlier than this date please be sure to contact us.
Thank you all for your understanding and enjoy the summer.
Always yours,
Espressivo Club team