The sewing

All our BDSM hoods are sewn by hand using classic technology WITHOUT gluing and without the use of face stitches. We know the use of adhesives is a common practice in modern leather production and especially in its confectioning. The majority of producers use it because the pre-gluing and/or gluing the details prevents them from shifting in the sewing process, reduces the number of operations and the need for experience of the tailor to achieve a seemingly good result. However, the disadvantages of gluing are obvious if you are looking for high quality workmanship – hard hems that begin to crumble or peel off over time, ugly traces of glue on suede and of course – the risk of allergic reactions to some of the chemicals contained in the glue. In our Real Leather BDSM hoods collection (and in all our leather BDSM hoods, leather lingerie & leather clothing in general) we do NOT use any adhesives – something what you can easily check when you feel the hems or try to open the left reserves. Apart from the fact that we do not use glues, but rely on our experience and skills to sew the details accurately, you will never see a tightening in our facial seams. The tightening is a standard way to start and finish stitches but spoils the aesthetic pleasure. We sew our products by hand, which allows us to use another, much more complexes, but more appropriate technology – entering stitch into stitch, because there is nothing more beautiful than an even stitch on the leather with invisible beginning and end, right? Think of this incredible effort, which requires exceptional experience and patience, when you admire the perfectly shaped eye and mouth openings of your next BDSM hood of EsressivoClub.

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