Bedtime Fetish Confessions Chapter one

Bedtime Fetish Confessions Chapter one

I thought I knew freedom. I believe I did. But God, was I mistaken.  

You see, I am a woman of power. As an individual, I am swift in my decisions, and as a professional, I am as independent as a male can be. And do not get me wrong, I do enjoy it, I have never said I did not, it’s who I am and who I aspired to be. I even like to say that control is my weapon of choice because I wield it like no other, you should see me, to dominate is my craft. It never scared nor corrupted me. The problem is it did so to my husband.  

I overthrew him. He allowed me to. And I didn’t think he would like it that much, but he did. Being possessed made him choke in pleasure, and over time he became as passive as one can get. And as I stood above him, his eyes closed and body trembling in ecstasy, I felt envious. I wanted what he had, but he didn’t want to give it to me.  

Naturally, we split fast and without any unnecessary drama. Of course, we met a couple of times after – he was attached to my dominion persona. But soon enough, I found myself interested in someone else.  

I thought I had a type, but he looked nothing like my now ex-husband. We met at a business meeting, he immediately caught my eyes. Deep voice, broad shoulders, strong hands, he noticed me looking, and without further ado, he invited me for drinks. A few hours later, we ended up in his apartment, drunk and eager for more.  

Domination is a craft, right? My craft, I said that, didn’t I? I said I had mastered it, but when he pushed me down his bed, I realized I knew nothing of it. Not in here, not in front of him.  

“Will you behave?” – he questioned with a voice even deeper and a look that made my muscles melt. I dared just to nod. Then he turned me around and slapped me hard and oh so very sweet.  

“That’s what will happen if you don’t.” – silence. My voice got stuck somewhere below the whimper I released.  

“You understand?” – he asked, and I nodded again. 

“Good.” – he said and brought the cuffs. I stood and offered him my hands, he smiled, and so it began. 

Cuffed, caged, and covered in the very darkness of his leather, I found myself free. Little by little, he subordinated me. Every atom of my body was screaming with pleasure. A real one. I was finally possessed, liberated from my own dominion.  

And once I felt it, I couldn’t stop. I didn’t want to stop. Call me an addict if you please, I won’t deny it, you need to try it to understand. 



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