Since 2010 we love to pamper and tease our clients...

…with irresistible BDSM gear we handcraft from Premium Real and Vegan Leather and smooth shiny PVC. For over 10 years now, we have been creating some of the best Bondage Hoods and Fetish Masks, Leather Underwear for Men and Leather Clothing, BDSM Spanking Paddles, Kinky Leather Lingerie and Fetish Sets on the market.

And what makes EspressiovClub products different from flow production is not only the high quality of the materials we use (fetishistic itself), but also the fact that we handmade each of them in our cozy workshop on the Black Sea coast in Burgas, Bulgaria (EU). We pay attention to every detail, no matter how small – from the overall design to the tiniest seams. That's how we can guarantee perfect fit and functionality of every piece with "EspressivoClub" label.

In Our Relationship with the Customer, we are Partners

For more than 10 years with your help we make every next BDSM gear even better than the last. We are proud that a decade with your choice you support us in creating a safer, more valuable and more satisfactory BDSM market, in which continuous communication and exchange of ideas is more important than mass production and where users create for users, building a community of like-minded people across countries and continents.

Devoted to this understanding…

…we don’t use chat bots and automatizations, we talk to you personally.

You are not in a standard bdsm shop, nor are we just a BDSM Atelier.. can count on our long-standing expertise. With all these years of experience, we can be very helpful with advice and recommendation when you hesitate or don't know which product will best cover your needs; when you are choosing for your partner; when you are going to introduce a bdsm mask for the first time in your Dom/Sub play; when you know exactly what you want but can't find it elsewhere; everything else from the world of BDSM. Feel free to ask your question. Our team is always available to help you make the right decision based on your specific needs.

With Us Pain Comes Only When You Want It

We know that some of you love pain, while others enjoy the feeling of helplessness, but for sure not when you shop online. Our new and improved website and dedicated customer service team mean that you won’t go through any trouble when ordering our products. The only pain and helplessness, you’ll experience will be when you feel like it.

We can talk at length…

… about EspressivoClub products we proudly create, but we prefer to let your attention focus on the endless kinky scenarios you can play with our creations when you get them.

Your immediate impressions are extremely important to us, so don’t be shy,
but try and share.

Of course, you can always come to our place, in our BDSM workshop, where it smells of leather and PVC and is full of all kinds of kinky things that would speed up your heart rate, so if you have a trip here, visit us – we create EspressivoClub in Burgas, Bulgaria, EU.

And not only because we have CLUB in our brand name ...

… our loyal customers get discounts and special treatment.

So keep the address of our site in your browser or sign up for our newsletter so you will stay always up to date (and diligently tied).

We are about to add a bunch of new and interesting kinky stuffs that you will not find elsewhere but here, so …

...Join the ever-growing friends club of EspressivoClub!

  • Contact information:

    Tsar Simeon Str., 71

    floor 2, office 3

    8000 Burgas, Bulgaria

    +359 87 912 5554