Bedtime Fetish Confessions Chapter two

Bedtime Fetish Confessions Chapter two

“You will play my servant.” – he spoke, butt naked with steam lingering over his hot skin.   

“Alright.” – I simply answered. 

“Alright, what?” – he smiled coyly. What a handsome devil. I didn’t want to confess it yet, but I was ready to do everything he asked and more. 

His frame came to tower above me. He was just coming out of the shower, but he still smelled of leather. 

“Master. Alright, Master.” – I bit my lower lip as I felt his fingers sliding over my collarbone. Goddammit. It’s been a few weeks since we first started seeing each other, but he already had more control over my body than I did. 

“Let’s give you a new name, shaw we?” – he said, and I looked up at him.  

“A name? I already have a name.” – I blinked ignorantly. This was all new to me, and although I loved each and every part of our relationship, or whatever you would call this that we had, I was still very much unaware of many things, and he needed to educate me.  

“No, darling.” – the “r” is his “darling” made my sides flush red. “As my servant, you will need a new name. Name that I will give you, as your Master.”  

“I understand.” – I nodded. “So, what would it be… Master?”   

He disappeared into his closet room and returned a minute later, carrying a velvet box with a black ribbon.   

“Kneel.” – he said, voice imperative and stern. I lowered down and he placed the box in my hands. “You can open it.” – and I did. A gorgeous black collar was lying inside. I touched it, enjoying the softness of the leather. Then I saw it. The inside part had “Poppet” engraved in cursive with beautiful golden ink. He spared no expense, just as usual.  

“You will be my Poppet because I love playing with you.”   

“Yes, Master.” – I only dared to mutter. This man and his possessiveness.   

“You like it?”  

“Yes, Master.” – I repeated. I really did like it. My real name started with “P,” and I was indeed his puppet.  

“You can have it once you finish your training.”  

“My training?” – I was clueless once again.   

“Your training.” – he stated without giving me a further hint. His voice sent pleasant shivers down my spine. “This mischief in your eyes. I want it gone, understood?”   

“Y-yes, Master.”  

“Now put it back, and let’s begin.”  


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