Leather lingerie model posing in leather panties, leather garter belt and wearing leather gloves and fishnet stockings

How to choose leather lingerie?

While everyone is used to lace, mesh or silk underwear, there is still a long road to provoke your or your partner’s fantasies with leather lingerie.

The variety of designs, techniques, patterns, even the material itself is astonishing.

Here we will try to summarize the pros and cons of every one of the options and help you to narrow down the possible choices and make the final decision no matter who you buy it for: yourself, your partner or why not a friend?

First of all you need to decide what kind of material you are going for: faux or genuine leather.


Faux leather

curvy model posing in black faux leather lingerie - leather panties and leather bra


  • Usually cheaper than real leather
  • It’s easy to find
  • Usually is washable (check out the label if the material allows washing and just throw the lingerie into the washing machine, turn delicate program on 30C and you’re done)
  • Usually manufacturers use stretch material, so you pick the right size, you don’t need to worry about fitting
  • Allows replicating standard designs and cuts that are familiar to the customers


  • Retains moisture that can cause irritation or inflammation if is worn for too long (sometimes the moisture retention is desired effect)
  • Wears out faster than real leather (depends on quality of the material, some products can’t survive the first use, while others can serve you for years)
  • Finding a valuable piece in an oversaturated market can be like challenging
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    Real leather

    a curvy model posing in red leather lingerie - real leather thongs and real leather red bra


    • Is considered luxury product
    • Is long-lasting
    • Usually, the designs are much more extravagant and provocative
    • Is rare item and is harder to find
    • Interesting designs don’t allow using a production line and usually your order is made specially for you
    • Natural material
    • Every skin is different which make your piece of lingerie one of a kind
    • Doesn’t cause "sauna effect"


    • Doesn’t allow washing
    • Absorbs body fluids, which leads to swelling of the material that can cause abrasions on the skin
    • Quality products may cost you a lot
    • Rarely look like lingerie that you’re used to
    • Requires special care
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      Also, the market is full of “wet look” underwear and other coated fabrics, that are really cheap material with a thin coating of polyurethane. We don’t think of these fabrics as faux leather and the lingerie made from them is called “leather” just for extra drama.


      Tips for buying leather lingerie:

      • Be sure that the leather panties you choose have a hygienic piece, it makes a lot of difference
      • Buy lingerie that is available in different sizes or is made to measure
      • When you buy real leather lingerie, make sure that leather is not treated with hexavalent chromium, which can cause skin sensitivity

      The important thing that you need to know before you decide to buy leather lingerie is who made and what it’s made of. We at EspressivoClub work only with selected and tested for safety materials and all of our products are manufactured at our own atelier based in Bugras, Bulgaria.

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