Dungeon Equipment

The new look of our favorite devices. Minimalistic design with a thought of being locked in.

    - Light-weight wooden construction for ease of use

    - Marine grade synthetic leather - resistant to abrasions, UV light, stains, water and blood

    - Nickel-free stainless steel hardwareEquipped with hight-quality padlock

    - Can be produced with eye plate for hanging

  • - 100% upholstered - attractive for bondage-lovers and "regular" fetishists

    - The offered items can be produced in any sizes on demand

    - We can and gladly will produce other items in the same style - spanking benches, St. Andrew's cross, Spanish donkey, bondage tables, examination chairs and many others.

    - In your physical stores it will look attractive and/or will allow you to develop a whole new section of Dungeon furniture in your website.

    - It can be purchased as single item or you can use our discount for bulk orders.

    - The products are entirely handmade in Bulgaia, EU.

  • - Inspired by Medieval Europe history widelely known for its torture traditions, but being still a modern-day user, we decided to create this piece of craftsmanship

    - secured with special lock that prevent opening and can't be reached by the person locked in

    - rounded edges lower the risk of bruises

    - slightly padded from the inside pillories are made to be comfort enough to not distract from the punishment itself

    - marine-quality PU leather is durable and resistant to usual cleaning methods

    - stainless still hardware is suitable for people allergic to nickel and won't rust with time.

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