How to Clean and Maintain Leather Underwear: A Practical Guide in Easy Steps

How to Clean and Maintain Leather Underwear: A Practical Guide in Easy Steps

When we talk about leather underwear, no matter if it is made of faux leather or real leather, the first question that usually comes up is how to clean it after use. On the Internet, you can find all kinds of eccentric advice, the fruit of urban legends, or thinking by analogy, which at best will irreparably damage the material from which your leather underwear is made and at worst will give you genital inflammation or an allergy.


The main enemy of leather, whether real or faux, is moisture. Then came the salt. The combination of the two is deadly for the material, and if the moisture, salt, and debris of epithelial cells are not cleaned properly and in time, they create an excellent environment for the growth of bacteria and fungi that can cause serious infections.


Wearing leather underwear is usually associated with a lot of moisture, a product of normal bodily functions. In a state of tension or arousal, the amount of body fluid released from the body can be significant. When we talk about leather underwear, it is most often sweat, vaginal secretions, secretions from the Cowper's glands, seminal fluid, and urine residues. When all that moisture mixes with the dead epithelial cells shed by the body, the result is usually a horrible (and, we'd say, dangerous) mess at the end of the play.


The first actions you take regarding leather care initially after the BDSM play are the most important but often overlooked. These actions can ensure easier cleaning of the underwear and, hence, a longer life for it and safer following wear for you.


The first and most important thing to do after removing your underwear, especially after heavy wear, is to remove the layers before they dry. Take a clean, soft cloth, moisten it, and wipe away, as much as possible, the remains of body secretions, salt, and epithelial cells that have accumulated on the inside of the underwear. Do not rub vigorously; just simply wipe the leather to remove the plaque. Vigorous rubbing could damage the material or, even worse, rub the sediments inside the leather. If necessary, rinse the cloth and repeat the procedure.

Usually, the initial wipe is enough to remove both the buildup and the unpleasant odor that is already there or that it will cause later. We know that for some of you, the smell of worn underwear can be very arousing (and it is for the author of this article), but it is usually due to the work of bacteria that decompose body secretions and whose uncontrolled growth you certainly do not want to allow after the play is over.


Well-made leather underwear usually has a little relief in the form of a padded piece of smooth leather that is sewn right where your genitals meet. When we talk about men's leather underwear, this piece usually follows the shape and line of the bandage, and for women's leather underwear, it is usually the shape and size of the classic hygiene piece.

In addition to the nice, smooth feel it creates when worn, this type of padding makes cleaning a lot easier. Its advantages are twofold. During wear, it prevents moisture from penetrating deeply, and after removing the underwear, its smooth texture makes it easier to remove the plaque.

In our fetish studio, we always make leather underwear with the appropriate leather padding for the genitals.


After you have wiped the underwear on the inside and, if necessary, on the outside, leave it in a dry and ventilated place to dry thoroughly for the next wear or subsequent treatment.

Keep in mind that leather does not like sunlight or dryer heat. The sun's UV rays penetrate deep and accelerate the aging of the material, and the heat can damage the finish (if your underwear is made of faux leather) or cause shrinkage and cracking (if your underwear is made of real leather). Choose a place where your underwear can dry naturally, away from direct sunlight and artificial heat sources.

The following steps in caring for your leather underwear will depend on the material it is made from.


If your leather underwear is made of faux leather, it probably allows it to be washed under certain conditions. Keep in mind that not all faux leather will withstand the extreme conditions in the washing machine, so if you are still choosing leather underwear, pay attention to the information the manufacturer provides.

In our fetish studio, we work with high-end faux leather created to our specifications, one of which is to be washable, so if you've bought your leather underwear from us, you can certainly wash it. Following the treatment instructions we have given on the adhesive label (which you can also find on our website) will allow you to enjoy the incomparable feeling of wearing your leather underwear for as long and safely as possible.

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Cleaning leather underwear can be a real challenge if you think about the leather the same way you think about the rest of your underwear. The reason is simple: natural leather does not tolerate the aggressive effects of water and soap, i.e., you can't just throw your worn leather underpants in the washing machine as you would if they were made of another material, e.g., faux leather.

There is a type of real leather that, at least in theory, should perform better. This is so-called washable leather, which is a type of hydrophobic leather. However, if you put it in the washing machine or keep it in water long enough, it will do the same thing as any other natural leather.

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The problem of cleaning leather underwear is often a significant factor that determines the purchase decision. Quite a few people are ready to exclude it from their wardrobe, assuming by definition that cleaning it is impossible or a very difficult task. The ambiguities caused by cleaning are usually the basis of claims that leather underwear is unhygienic and/or impractical, despite its challenging appearance and the temptation it evokes.

Leather underwear is rarely meant for everyday wear (although many leather fetishists enjoy the feeling of wearing leather underwear every day, or at least whenever possible), and you'd be wrong to approach it the same way and with the same criteria as your everyday underwear. It's a special garment that requires special treatment, and if you look at it that way, maintaining it can be not only manageable but an exciting part of the pleasure of owning it.

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If you have already made up your mind, take a look at our collection of women's leather lingerie and men's leather underwear and enjoy the feeling of sensuality, luxury, and desire that are the hallmarks of all the products we create in our fetish studio.
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