What is the best bondage mask for oral sex?

What is the best bondage mask for oral sex?

My sub cannot open their jaw all the way in this.

Jaw movement is more restricted than I expected.

 He cannot open his mouth very much.“

These are some of the most common impressions that clients share when they first introduce an Open Mouth Mask into their play.

Facefuck mask, Blowjob Bondage hood By EspressivoClub


What is the best bondage mask for oral sex then?

In this article, we will look at a question that at first glance seems to have an obvious answer – when it comes to a Facefuck Mask, the choice is clear - you naturally buy a Mask with a mouth opening. Even their commonly used name – Cock Sucker Hood removes any doubts for the functionality.

However our experience all these years shows that confusions in the users only come when they have already made the purchase.

  • Whether they have a reason?Absolutely!
  • Could they have chosen a more suitable fellatio mask model? - Yes, of course!
  • Whether they were wrong in their choice? - Definitely not!

    And if the knot of contradictions seems already tangled enough, in the lines below we will untangle it and help you be better informed when making a choice for your next bondage hood for fellatio.


    Open mouth hood VS Open chin hood

    We're going to look at and compare two of the most popular fetish masks when it comes to oral love. 

    Open Mouth Hood

    Open Mouth bdsm hood by EspressivoClub

    The hood with a mouth opening is probably the most popular objectifying mask. Its commercial names describe both the function of the mask and the attitude it is expected to evoke: facefuck mask, cocksucker hood, deep throat mask.

    The shape and size of the mouth hole varies between brands, but this does not make a significant difference in functionality – they are all wide enough to take over a penis or dildo, including deep-throating, but not large enough to make the act effortless. In addition, and highly distinctive of the model, we have a chin firmly caught in the tight embrace of the full cover hood.

    When the chin is held in the bdsm mask then the movements of the mouth normally are hard. The conception of the model is full darkness for the eyes and restricted mouth that wants to get better and better in taking over everything it is given. This is a desired effect that is used in various role-play games related to sex education and BDSM scenarios that include various forms of forced blowjob as a part of obedience training.

    When the mouth is filled by the erect penis of the Master, the submissive's breathing is difficult. Although this can also be a desired effect, we from EspressivoClub recommend, especially if you are beginners, to use open mouth mask that are equipped with small holes for the nose, allowing breathing through them.

    Afterwards, when you become skilled at the play you can always use nose clips to achieve a slightly suffocating effect. Never forget safety and be sensible with all bdsm gears that interfere with free breathing.

    You can find the EspressivoClub bestseller PU leather Open Mouth Mask here:



    Open Chin Hood


    If you want the path to the perfectly performed fellatio to be clear of obstacles, then you need a mask that allows completely opening of the jaw. Popular with the name Open Chin Hood, coming from its main distinctive feature, this mask is suitable not only for forced blowjob and deep throating, but also for many other practices in the Master/Slave relationship such as - extreme gagging, drinking and eating from a bowl on the floor, face sitting, bootworship & footworship.

    When the bondage mask is made without eyes holes it provides the same degree of sensory deprivation and objectification capabilities as the Open mouth mask, but without restricting the movement of the lower jaw and hence the ability to open the mouth.

    The open chin hood can also be made with pinhole eyes, which has a psychedelic effect when the eyes see through the tiny holes, but the brain cannot connect in clear pictures and heightens the excitement of the unknown.

    Both versions of this model BDSM hood provides good vision restriction without obstructing breathing, making it very suitable for an introductory bondage mask.

    You can find our version of the Open Chin Mask available with both eye options here:



    Does it matter what material the fetish mask is made of?

    Yes, it definitely matters!

    All the functionalities described above in the article refer to heavy bdsm hoods made from solid faux or real leather, latex (rubber) and PVC. These materials are thick enough to confine the head, creating a true feeling of bondage in the Sub and delight of complete control over them in the Master.

    There are many masks that are similar in appearance, but made of other non-dense materials such as Lycra, spandex, mesh, knit and other fabrics. Although you can often find them offered as bondage gear in mainstream sex shops and see them as an accessory used in porn videos from the bdsm section, their restraint functionality actually is very limited.

    It is easy to assume that due to the lack of solid in the material, the movements of the mouth, head and neck occur freely - there is no effect of restriction. These materials allow one to see and hear through them, so the effect of sensory deprivation is also absent. The main job you can expect from them is depersonalization of the partner and somewhat aesthetic effect if you get turned on by the look of such mask. Of course, this is not a small thing if you don’t expect more.


    Still feel confused?

    We’ve prepared a small TEST for you to support you in your choice.


     Answer the following 3 Questions with Yes or NO


    1. Has your partner/subordinate used a facefuck mask before? (yes/no)
    2. Do you enjoy training your submissive and challenging them with tasks to prove their dedication to you? (yes/no)
    3. Are you willing to accept that it will take some time for your penis to make its way to the deep throat? (yes/no)


    The results:

    • If you answered "Yes" to at least 2 out of three questions, then The Open Mouth Hood is the best for your play.
    • If you only have one "Yes" answer, then consider getting both models and initially alternating between them in your sex sessions.
    • If you have zero "Yes" answer, then Open Chin Hood is definitely your best mask to start with.


    Important: The test is designed for entertainment and it's not intended to serve as a universal decision-making tool.


    In conclusion

     Facefack Bondage hood by EspressivoClub

    There is no universal rule about which Facefack mask to start with. We advise you to consider your choice entirely according to your wishes and those of your partner.

    If you choose the Open mouth hood, keep training your sub to get better at their duty. In these games, pain and pleasure go hand in hand. With every new use you will find the hood more and more functional and desired accessory in your bdsm practices.

    Open Chin Hood is a great pick when you want a wide range of functionalities thanks to free movements of the mouth. By adding different bondage accessories to it, you can recreate the restrictive feel of the classic Open Mouth Mask. This makes the model suitable for people who have a large collection of bdsm equipment or those who like to experiment with accessories.

    And never underestimate the quality of workmanship and materials usedThey are crucial for the mask to be able to fulfill its expected functionality and serve you for a long time.


    Knees on the floor and hands placed on them with palms facing up. The head is wrapped in a tight leather mask, the eyes are covered in darkness. There is no face, no shame – she is here to serve devotedly and submissively. Only the mouth is of "freedom", hungrily open in waiting…

    A very promising start, isn't it?

    The choice to experience it is up to you.

    And with the rich collection of PU and Real Leather Bdsm Hoods of EspressiovClub you'll find exactly what you need.


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