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Facefuck Mask

A facefuck mask, also known as an open mouth mask, cocksucker hood and deep throat mask, is a type of bondage hood that tightly covers the entire head and only has an opening for the mouth (facefuck hole), specifically designed for performing fellatio. These masks are typically made of materials such as leather (real or synthetic), latex (rubber), or PVC, which are thick enough to conceal the facial features and accentuate the lips and mouth in a sexually suggestive manner.

The mouth opening, usually oval in shape, is wide enough to accommodate a penis or strap-on dildo, allowing for deepthroat action, but not large enough to make the act effortless. The requirement for experience or effort in performing fellatio makes facefuck masks particularly popular in role-play and obedience training scenarios, where forced blowjobs are desired. Some variations of these masks may not have traditional nostril openings, adding an additional level of difficulty by forcing the wearer to maintain a proper rhythm of mouth breathing.

By limiting sight, touch, and hearing while exposing the mouth, facefuck masks enable the wearer to let go of inhibitions and enjoy the sensations without feeling plagued by shame or guilt.

Due to the anonymity provided by the thick layer of smooth black leather material concealing the face, facefuck masks are especially favored by heterosexual and bisexual male submissives engaging in forced-bi scenarios with their Dommes or Mistresses, as well as by gay slaves participating in group sexual activities like servicing multiple Masters or other gay slaves. These masks are frequently used in the porn industry for staged gang-bang and bukkake scenes.

While facefuck masks are suitable for both genders, there are specific variations with ponytail tubes designed for female submissives and male crossdressers, known as ponytail masks (see Ponytail hood).