The leather

All products we produce are made of specially selected leather, created in Europe according to our specifications and exactly for our models. The real leather from which we make our Real Leather BDSM hoods is no an exception. It took us an incredible amount of time to find a manufacturer that was able to respond our needs and many tests, until we finally got exactly the leather we imagined when we designed our real leather BDSM hoods. Not just genuine leather with acceptable quality and satisfactory characteristics, but the real leather for our BDSM hoods.

All BDSM hoods in our Real Leather Collection are made of premium grade full grain kidskin nappa with soft, delicate and comfortable sude in the backside. Goat skin combines the nice softness of lambskin and in the same time the strength inherent in cowhide leather.

The full grain kidskin nappa we work with is extremely thin and fine – between 0.3-0.4 mm for some BDSM hoods to 0.5-0.6 mm for those BDSM hoods that are designed to restrain and limit. To achieve such leather thickness, suede is usually sacrificed on the back of the skin. Thanks to the tanning technology, which was developed especially for us, all our real leather BDSM hoods are sewn from leather with perfectly preserved suede, transferring to the product its gentle velvet touch on every move.

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