The models

All BDSM hoods in the Collection have an anthropological design and are sewn in sizes for a better fit and more wearing comfort. Some of them, such as our best-selling model Tight real leather BDSM hood with open eyes & mouth  or our Real Leather Tight bondage zipper hood  closely follow the curves of the head, creating an incredible feeling of tangible presence and at the same time – lightness and convenience. Others, such as our Real Leather BDSM bondage breathplay hood or our Real Leather bondage baghood for BDSM interogation play look light and free, but only until you put them on your head – then you would understanding from your own experience what means to choke and suffocate in your own exhaled air. And of course, our pride – the Tight BDSM hoods with ponytail tubes, refuting the cliché that leather BDSM hood necessarily means rough bondage hood, and standing out with beauty and sensuality.

Each model in this Real Leather BDSM hoods collection reflects our own vision of what a BDSM hood should look like, not just in shape and design, but in functionality and experience. They are the embodiment of what we ourselves would like to experience while wearing them and which we believe we pass on to you with every product we sew and ship.

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