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Extra Long Heavy-Duty spanking Paddle

Extra Long Heavy-Duty spanking Paddle

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It's so big and heavy that you wish it had never been made. Our Extra Large Heavy-Duty Spanking Paddle is a real piece of hell that will turn you on and make you cry. Designed for professional use, this 100% Leather covered Heavy-duty wooden paddle is only for experienced spanking enthusiasts, ready to take on the challenge, going beyond anything tried so far. 

With its length of 64 cm and width of 9 cm, with a thickness of 24 mm this Extra Large Heavy-Duty spanking Paddle weighs a whopping 666 g that will literally smack your ass. Its three-layer construction of solid wood (no foam, friends!) absorbs shock perfectly, and the comfortable ergonomic handle allows you to hold it with one or two hands, delivering a wide range of strokes that will make your partner's naughty flesh thrill and shake like a jelly.

The smooth, flat surface of the leather-upholstered wood reduces the risk of unwanted injury, while the weight of this Extra Large Heavy-Duty Spanking Paddle slowly and impacable does its work, turning your slave or submissive's ass into a numb, amorphous mass. 

Despite its formidable size, this Extra Large Heavy-Duty spanking Paddle has an excellent balance between the handle and the blade, making movements with it extremely light and safe. Calculated to the parts of the millimeter ratios into the dimensions of this tool will bring you to the Golden Ratio in geometry. 

However, we have left the most important for the finale. This item is 100% Leather covered with Marine grade synthetic leather -

resistant to abrasions, UV light, stains, water, sweet and... blood. The coating allows the product to be cleaned after use, both with alcohol and with standard alcohol-based disinfectants.


IMPORTANT: It can leave marks on the skin of your slave or submissive that will last for days. Improper use can cause injury! Use with increased severity, but responsibly!



  • extreme spanking,
  • hard punishment,
  • impact play,
  • slave/submissive training,
  • BDSM discipline
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- light-weight wooden material

- marine grade artificial leather (resistant to abrasions, UV light, stains, water and blood)

- stainless steel screw

Care instructions

- Wipe with soft cloth soaked in mild detergent, then wipe with dry cloth
- Do not bleach