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Electro play

Electrostimulation (also known as Electrotorture, Electrification and Jargon Wiring) as a BDSM practice involves a wide range of methods of sexual stimulation using electrical impulses generated by specially designed electrical devices. Electro play is considered a risky practice, especially for people suffering from cardiovascular and neurological diseases, and in all cases, even with reasonable use, there is a risk of injury such as skin play and even death.
Some common forms of electrical play include using high-voltage, low-current devices such as Violet wands or the use of controlled pulses of electricity to induce muscle contractions as with a TENS unit.
In recent years, BDSM practice has increased usage of devices designed for other types of use - such as weapons (a stun gun) or for application to animals (such as cattle prod or dog training shock collars), which significantly increases the risk of injury or lethal end.