BDSM Guide

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Facefuck Mask

A facefuck mask, also known as an open mouth mask, cocksucker hood and deep throat mask, is a type of bondage hood that tightly covers the entire head and only has an opening for the mouth, specifically designed for... view more>


Sexual practice in which one partner (Dom or Domme) sits above or on the other's face (submissive, slave), forcing him to make oral-genital or oral-anal contact... view more>


Short form of "Female Dominance". In the context of BDSM, it means that the Dominant partner is a woman (see Domme) and that the acts of Dominance & submission would be influenced by her feminine nature... view more>


Fetish (from Portuguese feitiço – magic) every inanimate object – thing (e.g., Whip), fabric (e.g., Leather, PVC, latex), garment (e.g., Boots, gloves, leather lingerie, bondage hoods, uniforms), body fluids (e.g., Sweat, sperm, vaginal fluid, urine, feces), body parts (e.g., Feet, ankles, breasts, hair), which is able to cause sexual arousal on its own... view more>


A person who has a strong need for a particular object or activity in order to experience sexual pleasure and excitement... view more>