BDSM Guide

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Pain training

Pain training, also known as agony play or agonization, is an extreme BDSM practice typical of sadomasochism, involving teaching the passive partner to endure pain, through a series of painful impacts of increasing force and intensity... view more>

Posture Collar

A posture collar is a bondage gear that is designed to fit tightly around the neck and restrict movement, keeping the head and neck in an upright position. This can create a sense of high physical restriction and vulnerability for the wearer, as well as enhance the aesthetic and... view more>


Name for Professional Dominant (for non-professionals see Dominant). Used for a man who dominates submissives or slaves against payment. Pro-Dom meetings are known as "sessions" and are usually of limited duration... view more>


Name for Professional Domme (for non-professionals see Domme) - a woman who dominates submissives or slaves for a fee. Meetings with Pro-Dommes are known as "sessions" and are usually of limited duration... view more>


Name of the submissive partner in the Owner/property relationship. See slave.

PVC fetishism

PVC fetishism, also known as vinyl fetishism or shiny fetishism, is a sexual fetishism characterized by a strong attraction to clothing and accessories made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or other materials imitating its shine and glossy texture... view more>