BDSM Guide

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Name for male Dominant in BDSM and is often associated with leather and uniforms. Although also used by heterosexual men, the name is more popular in the leather gay BDSM communities... view more>


Abbreviated from Cock and Ball Torture - risky sexual techniques associated with torture of the penis and testicles. It may involve the use of wax (waxplay), electricity (electrotorture), placement of metal, rubber or... view more>

Corner Time

Corner time is a common practice in Dominance & submission that involves a submissive partner being placed in a corner or other designated area for a set period of time as a form of punishment or element of humiliation. This practice is... view more>

Corporal Punishment

Severe disciplinary measure in BDSM practice, related to intentionally causing physical pain by Dominant partner to slave or submissive one, as a punishment for misbehavior or fault. Specific for D/s and M/s relationships... view more>