BDSM Guide

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The term comes from the surname of the Austrian writer and journalist Leopold von Sacher-Masoch and was introduced in the late 19th century by the Austrian psychologist Richard von Kraft-Ebing to denote a sexual deviation... view more>


A classic name for a heterosexual or homosexual man who plays the Dominant role of master, owner, proprietor, possessor, ruler or householder in the dynamics of BDSM... view more>


Masturbatrix is a popular title for a Dominant woman who specializes in exerting direct control over male masturbation. Her image is usually associated with BDSM practices such as dirty talk, verbal humiliation and sexual degradation... view more>


A classic name for a woman playing the Dominant role of mistress, owner, proprietress, possessor, ruler or householder in the dynamics of BDSM and in particular Mistress/slave relationships... view more>

Mistress kiss

The Mistress's Kiss is a specific term in BDSM used to describe the act of a Dominant woman spitting into the mouth of her submissive partner as a reward or as a form of humiliation and degradation... view more>