BDSM Guide

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The term comes from the surname of the French aristocrat, writer and philosopher Marquis de Sade (whose full name is Donacien Alphonse François de Sade)... view more>


A popular name for a person who enjoys inflicting psychological, emotional and / or physical suffering to another person (Masochist). Although it is widely believed that the Sadist is aroused by all kinds of pain and suffering he can cause (often to the extreme)... view more>


Sexual sadomasochism (also known as "Sadism & masochism", in older literature also as "Sado-maso"), also represented by the abbreviation S&M or simply SM is an alternative sexual practice related to causation, resp. enduring pain and humiliation in order to deliver sexual pleasure... view more>

Sexual slavery

An extreme version of the Dominance and submission relationship, in which the submissive parthner (the slave) voluntarily hands over full control over the most important aspects of his life to another person - his Master... view more>


The name of submissive partner in Master/slave or Owner/property relationship (see Sexual slavery), which consensually hands all the control over the most important aspects of his life to another person – his Master and/or Owner... view more>


Slaveholder is a term used in BDSM to describe a Dominant, traditionally a Master or Mistress, who owns more than one slave and maintains a common household with them, with common rules and clearly assigned responsibilities... view more>


The term "Spankee" is used to refer to a person whose main preference in BDSM is related to receiving spanking. In some cases, Spankee may be submissive, bottom, or masochist, but in the vast majority of cases... view more>


A commonly used form of corporal punishment in BDSM, consisting of hits with a hand or with a suitable BDSM toy (usually on the buttocks). The impact toys used can vary from everyday items such as hairbrush or wooden spoon, typical for domestic discipline, to specially designed tools... view more>

Spanking paddle

Impact toy, specially designed for inflicting heavier or lighter strikes on the buttocks as a punishment in BDSM or for delivering sexual pleasure in sadomasochism. The spanking paddle usually consists of a handle and a blade with which the strokes are applied... view more>

Spanking skirt

The spanking skirt, also known as the "spank skirt" and "bare bottom skirt", is a pencil or hobble skirt that has a wide opening at the back through which the buttocks are displayed. It is usually made of fetishistic materials such as leather, PVC, latex... view more>

Spreader bar

A spreader bar is a type of BDSM restraint that is designed to keep the legs of the submissive partner spread apart. It typically consists of a metal or wooden bar with two ankle cuffs or loops attached at each end, which are used to secure... view more>


Strap-on may refer to common BDSM practice (see Strap-on Sex) or specific devices designed to be used in this practice as Strap-on dildo or Strap-on harness... view more>


An act of consencual obedience of one person (submissive) to the instructions, orders and rules of another person (Dominant). Submission may or may not involve sexual use, may be related to the application of discipline and/or corporal punishments... view more>


Name of the submissive partner in the Dominance & submission relationship who consencually agrees to submit to another person, called Dominant. Obedience can be situational in the form of a one-time act, following periodically recurring scenarios... view more>

Suffocation mask

A special type of bondage hood designed to control and restrict access to air... view more>

Sweet Gwendoline

A popular submissive and fetish character in BDSM culture, featuring a curvaceous, naive blonde who is tied, bound, subjected to obedience training, and treated as a sexual object while dressed in provocative tight leather outfits such as corsets, bondage hoods... view more>

Sweet Gwen hood

Sweet Gwen hood (also known as Gwendoline Bondage Hood and Sweet Gwen bondage hood) is a popular type of bondage hood, inspired by the work of the British fetish artist John Willie and his heroine... view more>