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Interrogation hood

A bondage hood, usually of a simple form, restricting vision and hearing and obstructing breathing, specially selected or specially designed to cause a reaction of confusion, fear and helplessness in the person on whom it is put on... view more>

Interrogation play

Interrogation play in BDSM (also known as interrogation scene, interrogation scenario or just interrogation) is a role-play in which the active party - Inquisitor, Interrogator, Torturer or Tormentor seeks to extract confessions from the passive party... view more>

Interrogation scenario

An interrogation scenario in BDSM (also known as an interrogation plot) is the story around which acting and lines of the partners develop in a particular role-play related to use of coercion and torments within agreed limits... view more>

Interrogation scene

The Interrogation scene in BDSM is generally the setting or conditions under which a particular role-play takes place in form of a simulation of interrogation using torments, known as Interrogation play... view more>

Interrogation techniques

Interrogation techniques in BDSM are a set of methods and techniques for psychological and physical impact aimed at extracting information or confession in a special role-play simulating interrogation using torments applied within agreed limits, known as Interrogation play... view more>