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Fetish (from Portuguese feitiço – magic) every inanimate object – thing (e.g., Whip), fabric (e.g., Leather, PVC, latex), garment (e.g., Boots, gloves, leather lingerie, bondage hoods, uniforms), body fluids (e.g., Sweat, sperm, vaginal fluid, urine, feces), body parts (e.g., Feet, ankles, breasts, hair), which is able to cause sexual arousal on its own.

Some of most-popular fetishes are an integral part of the modern world - erotic lingerie, leather miniskirts, high heels, women's breasts or athletic figure.

Others find their expression in individual preferences.

It is important to note that "fetish" in the classical sense of the word can only be called the object (or material body) that is the object of fetishistic attraction. The way in which the actual satisfaction of fetish attraction is realized (e.g., watching, caressing, kissing, mouthfeeding, rubbing in the body, dressing, wearing, posing, staining, tearing, destroying, etc.) is a deviant manifestation, and not "fetish".
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