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Jennings gag

The Jennings gag is a dental device commonly used in dentistry for opening a patient's mouth during procedures, such as fillings, extractions, or X-rays. It was invented by Dr. Walter Jennings in the 1930s and has since become a staple of dental practice and oral surgeries. However, the Jennings gag has also been adapted for use in BDSM play as a tool of restraint and control.

The Jennings gag consists of a long, curved metal bar with a small screw mechanism at the end. When used as a medical device, the device is designed to hold the patient's mouth open, allowing the dentist or oral surgeon to work more easily and efficiently. The teeth and gums are held apart by the metal bars, inserted between the molars on either side of the jaw. The screw mechanism can be tightened or loosened to adjust the size of the gag, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit for the patient.

In BDSM play, the Jennings gag is used in much the same way as in dentistry - to hold the passive partner's mouth open. The submissive partner is unable to close their mouth or remove the gag, which prevents them from speaking, as well as resisting the use of their mouth against their will (as a spittoon, ashtray, urinal or to perform forced fellatio), reinforcing their helplessness and sense of vulnerability. For this reason, the Jennings gag can be a highly effective tool for the Dominant partner to control the submissive partner's reactions and behavior during BDSM play.

One of the unique features of the Jennings gag is its adjustability. The screw mechanism at the end of the gag can be tightened or loosened to increase or decrease the pressure on the wearer's teeth and gums, allowing for a customizable level of restraint. This feature also allows the Dominant partner to control the intensity of the gagging sensation, creating a more personalized experience for the submissive partner.

In addition to its functional design, the Jennings gag is often considered a visually striking piece of BDSM equipment. The shiny metal bars and screw mechanism can be aesthetically pleasing to many sadomasochists and can add an additional layer of intensity to the scene.

It is important to note that the use of a Jennings gag as a BDSM device carries certain risks and should be approached with caution. As with any form of bondage or restraint, the wearer must be able to communicate with their partner in case of an emergency. Using a stop signal would be beneficial as long as it doesn't lead to overconfidence.

One of the primary risks associated with using a Jennings gag during BDSM play is the potential for choking or suffocation of a passive partner, especially if their arms are also restrained or their body is fixed in a position that makes it difficult to breathe. If the gag is inserted too far into the submissive's mouth or if it is tightened too much, it can interfere with their ability to swallow and breathe properly. This can lead to panic, anxiety, and even asphyxiation if not addressed immediately.

The wide open mouth of the submissive while wearing the Jennings gag can be very attractive for the Dominant to perform various humiliating actions such as spitting or pissing in the mouth of the submissive and even forced oral sex. Each of these practices dramatically increases the risk of choking the passive partner while wearing the gag, if they accidentally inhale any saliva (own when trying to breathe or swallow, or the Dominant partner's when spitting in their mouth) or other fluids like urine (by pissing) or semen (during oral sex), or swallow solid objects (such as pieces of fruit or food). This risk may be particularly high during oral sex, as the Dominant partner may not be able to immediately recognize if the submissive partner is experiencing difficulty breathing, while his penis or strap-on dildo is in their mouth.

Another potential risk of using a Jennings gag is the possibility of damage to the teeth and jaw. The metal bars of the gag can put pressure on the wearer's teeth and gums, potentially causing damage. Some gags intended for use in BDSM play have a rubber or silicone coating, which significantly reduces the risk of damage to teeth and gums without eliminating it completely.

The prolonged use of the Jennings gag can also cause jaw pain and temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD), especially if the gag is adjusted too tightly and is used too often or for an extended period.

The Dominant partner should closely monitor the submissive partner's breathing and other bodily functions while the Jennings gag is in use and should remove the gag immediately if the submissive partner experiences any discomfort or distress.

While the use of the Jennings gag in BDSM practice can be potentially risky if not used carefully and judiciously, it still remains an emblematic tool for many sadomasochist and bondage lovers, offering a unique combination of restraint, control, and vulnerability.
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