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Kneeling is a BDSM practice that involves a submissive partner kneeling before a Dominant partner as a sign of respect, submission, and devotion. This activity is often associated with power exchange and can be a highly emotional and intimate experience for those involved.

The act of kneeling is often considered a symbol of the surrender of power and control to the Dominant, as the submissive partner is physically lowering themselves to a position of subservience before him. This can create a sense of vulnerability, which can be highly erotic for both partners. Kneeling can also be used as a form of punishment when the submissive is forced to kneel to suffer pain and discomfort or to beg for forgiveness for some kind of fault.

There are a variety of different styles and positions for kneeling, depending on the preferences of the Dominant and the experience of the submissive. Some partners may prefer a traditional kneeling position, where the submissive partner kneels with their hands on their thighs and their head lowered. Others may prefer a more elaborate kneeling position, which exposes the submissive's genitalia or its chest/bust.

Kneeling can be used in various BDSM scenarios, such as during obedience training, discipline, or as part of a BDSM ritual or ceremony. The act of kneeling can also be incorporated into other BDSM activities, such as bootlicking, foot worship, or serving as a human footstool or human ashtray.

It is important to practice kneeling safely and reasonably, as prolonged kneeling can be uncomfortable and painful for muscles throughout the body, not just the knees. It is also important to consider the circumstances of the scene such as the type of floor and the changes in body position over time, and if necessary, to correct the submissive's position to avoid muscle overstrain. It would also be good to think about appropriate padding or cushions to avoid damaging the knee nerves or knee injury.
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