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Mistress kiss

The Mistress's Kiss is a specific term in BDSM used to describe the act of a Dominant woman (Domme, Mistress, Dominatrix) spitting into the mouth of her submissive partner as a reward or as a form of humiliation and degradation. This dominant act is considered highly erotic by many submissives, as it involves the exchange of bodily fluids between them and their Mistress.

The Mistress's Kiss is typically performed during FemDom scenes, which may include obedience training, domestic discipline, corporal punishments, physical or verbal humiliation, or other BDSM practices. The submissive may be kneeling or lying on the ground while the Dominant woman usually stands over him. The Dominant woman will then force the submissive to open their mouth, and she will spit into it as a way to assert her dominance and control over him. This act can be done in a variety of different ways, from a slow and deliberate spit to a forceful and aggressive one, depending on the preferences of the Dominant woman and the readiness of the submissive partner to receive it. The submissive partner may also be required to hold the Mistress's spit in his mouth before being ordered to swallow it, which can add to the humiliation and degradation of the act.

The Mistress's Kiss is a powerful demonstration of the Dominant woman's authority because she uses her own bodily fluids to control and degrade her submissive partner. For some submissives, the act of receiving the Mistress's Kiss can be a powerful form of dedication, as it involves giving up control over the situation and allowing the Dominant woman to use them in a disgusting and highly humiliating way. It can also be a way for the submissive to show their devotion and loyalty, as they are willingly accepting their Mistress's saliva as a symbol of their obedience.

The act of spitting into the mouth of another person can be seen as degrading and humiliating, which is often the goal of many BDSM practices such as humiliation play.

It is important to note that the term Mistress's Kiss can be misleading to some submissives, especially those with little or no experience, because despite its name, the Mistress's Kiss involves spitting rather than traditional kissing.

When the act of spitting in a submissive's mouth is performed by a Dominant male, it may be called a Master's Kiss, a Dominant's Kiss, or simply spitting.
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