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Breathplay hood

Breathplay hoods (also known as suffocation hood, breath control mask, asphyxiation mask and air / ventilation hood) are type of bondage hoods, specially designed to control and restrict access to air in order to achieve erotic asphyxiation and sexual arousal. In general, the idea of these masks is to restrict access to fresh air, retaining the already exhaled air inside the hood or combining the both effects to cause a feeling of suffocation.

Some breath control masks complement the suffocation effect, combining it with a high degree of physical restraint and sensory deprivation. Other breathplay hoods allow control of the inhaled, resp. exhaled air by zip or zip adjustment, allowing complex BDSM scenarios to be played out.

Esprecially attractive are Breathplay hoods with a balloon that contracts during inhale and swells during exhale, creating a strong visual stimulation for the observer, allowing him to feel almost literally the agony of his partner trapped inside the mask.

The traditional materials for making Breathplay hoods are leather (natural and artificial), latex (rubber), PVC or other airtight materials, most often created on the basis of PU, PVC and TPU.

The use of breathplay hoods in BDSM practice is associated with an increased risk of suffocation and death, especially if played alone, unsupervised by a partner and especially in combination with other bondage restraints, restricting hand freedom, further obstructing air access and/or or limiting the ability to quickly remove the bondage hood.
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