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GIMP mask

Tight bondage hood with oval eyes holes & zipper mouth, traditionally made of leather anddesigned for wearing by BDSM slaves or submissives with aim to achieve their depersonalization and objectification during the obedience training. The Gimp mask provides perfect vision for the one who’s wearing it and good space orientation for execution of orders and commands. At the same time the zipper closes the mouth and prevents unnecessary speaking.

In recent years, the term Gimp mask has been used interchangeably with "bondage hood" or even "fetish hood", made of any material and with any design, and lost all connection with the original. Such an approach presupposes ignorance of the history of BDSM culture or a purposeful pursuit of its blurring, dictated by marketing goals.

The original Gimp mask is made of leather and has oval eyes holes & zipper mouth and can be seen in the movie "Pulp Fiction" (1994) by Quentin Tarantino.