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The name of submissive partner in Master/slave or Owner/property relationship (see Sexual slavery), which consensually hands all the control over the most important aspects of his life to another person – his Master and/or Owner.

Unlike the submissive in a D/s relationship, that can also be an episodic act, the slave is usually more strongly and permanently involved in the dynamics of the relationship with his Master.

The term slave is sometimes used as a synonym for submissive in BDSM, but equating the two is incorrect. Many slaves define themselves as submissives or masochists, but not all submissives or masochists define themselves as slaves.

In the specialized literature the name slave can take other forms - "sexual slave", "BDSM slave", "leather slave" and others. In most cases, "slave" is meant in the context of BDSM, and the clarification aims to separate the phenomenon from slavery as a historical phenomenon or as a criminal practice.
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