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Interrogation scenario

An interrogation scenario in BDSM (also known as an interrogation plot) is the story around which acting and lines of the partners develop in a particular role-play related to use of coercion and torments within agreed limits. The act itself is known as interrogation play.

The interrogation scenario can be developed in detail before the actual interrogation play or it can be built dynamically during the game. At minimum, it should contain a reason for interrogation in form of a secret or information that should be disclosed and the specific roles of the active partner who conducts the interrogation (probably called the Inquisitor) and the passive partner (probably called the victim) who is tortured to make a confession.

The most frequently used interrogation scenarios are related to the detection of a crime (bank robbery, jewelry theft, drug distribution, etc.), espionage information (e.g. during WWII) or investigation of witchcraft/heresy. Hence the roles of the partners: "detainee - Investigator", "prisoner - Gestapo officer", "heretic - Inquisitor", etc.

Often, the interrogation scenario is constructed around some sexually charged act, the development of which in detail further arouses the passion and imagination of the partners. Such for exaple could be theft of a vibrator from a fetish shop or just theft from a fetish shop (the victim should admit what and how she stole, what and how she used it, etc.), theft of worn erotic underwear from the home of a celebrity known for their scandalous behavior or simply stealing from a celebrity's home (again, what, how and why it was stolen), prostitution (how and where the victim prostituted herself, what services she offered, how much she was paid, did she had perverted clients and what did she do with them, etc.) etc.

Committing indecent acts in a public place, e.g. urinating or defecating in the park, (perverted) sex in a public toilet, carrying drugs into the vagina/anus (who put them there, did they prepared the holes in advance, how, with what, how much they can take).

Some partners with more experience in interrogation play act out real plays by making up the topic and direction of the interrogation on the fly. For example, the victim may be accused by the Inquisitor of infidelity, which she did not commit, but about which she will have to tell in full details - where, how, with whom and what they did, how many times they met, where the meetings were etc. The questioning can go into absurd detail when the victim is asked to describe how she was dressed, what underwear she wore, what her lover looked like, what he smelled like and in some cases she may even be forced to invent and describe the shape and size of his genitals or the taste of his semen.
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