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Interrogation play

Interrogation play in BDSM (also known as interrogation scene, interrogation scenario or just interrogation) is a role-play in which the active party - Inquisitor, Interrogator, Torturer or Tormentor seeks to extract confessions from the passive party, conventionally called victim, through the use of interrogation techniques involving psychological and physical impact (torments).

Common interrogation scenes include victim’s immobilizing (most often on a simple chair or table and less often using specially constructed dungeon furniture), using insults, threats, humiliation, hooding (see Interrogation hood) and applying torments. The torments can include any actions such as tickling with a feather, slapping and squeezing the breasts,, pulling and pinching the nipples (nipple play, nipple torture), slapping the genitals with a palm or leather slapper or more intense impacts such as applying electric shocks or electrostimulation (electrotortures), piercing the skin with needles (needle play), dripping with hot wax (wax play), etc. The nature of the impacts, as well as their duration and intensity, can vary within extremely wide limits depending on the individual preferences of the partners and what is agreed between them (see interrogation techniques).

At the heart of the Interrogation play is some information or secret that the victim is keeping and that the Inquisitor is tasked with extracting. This could be a prearranged code word, the victim's utterance of which will end the game, or some self-deprecating line that the victim must be forced to say repeatedly and without hesitation (eg "I'm a cheap whore and I like to suck dirty cocks") and much less often any actual secret, the disclosure of which would actually be humiliating or incriminating for the victim (see Interrogation scenario)

A special form of Interrogation play is the sexual stimulation of the partner without giving him the opportunity to cum. The practice is a special case of sexual denial and orgasm control. In this type of interrogation, the victim is sexually stimulated until she utters the prearranged code word or reaches an orgasm, the onset of which she is unable to stop. In this case, the interest of the Inquisitor is to keep the victim as close to the plateau as possible without allowing her to cum, and that of the victim - to be able to reach orgasm before the desire to cum caused by the state of uncontrollable arousal to force her to say the code word.
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