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Masturbatrix is a popular title for a Dominant woman who specializes in exerting direct control over male masturbation through dirty talk, detailed instructions, and strict commands. The image of Masturbatrix in BDSM is usually associated with practices such as verbal humiliation, sexual degradation, forced masturbation, forced orgasm, and sexual control. In the context of the erotic play, the Masturbatrix aims to keep her submissive partner in a constant state of arousal and need while maintaining complete control over their experience.

The term Masturbatrix is generally considered a derivative of Dominatrix and is a combination of the word "masturbation" and the feminine suffix "-trix," suggesting a Dominant woman who specializes in activities focused on controlled (forced) masturbation of submissives or slaves.

Masturbatrix is often associated with the adult entertainment industry and can include the creation of videos with a similar focus, webcam performances, or phone sex. In this sense, the term Masturbatrix usually refers to a certain type of professional Dominatrix conducting virtual or telephone sessions related to sexual stimulation through verbal humiliation and commands (see ProDomme).

Although practices such as forced masturbation, forced orgasm, and sexual control are extremely popular among many BDSM practitioners, in personal relationships, the title Masturbatrix is generally rarely used.

Sometimes the term Masturbatrix is used in the sense of "handjob Dominatrix" to describe a female Dominant who uses manual stimulation to control and humiliate a submissive partner, usually a male. While such a relationship has its roots in the roles imposed by the adult industry, the typical Masturbatrix style suggests verbal dominance and mental control rather than physical contact.

As a Dominatrix with a specific focus, the Masturbtrix uses a variety of techniques and methods to direct the arousal of her submissives and control the tempo of their masturbation. This usually includes detailed instructions on how the submissive should touch himself, how fast to do it when to stop, and even how to inflict pain on himself or do something humiliating if he wants to get permission to continue masturbating.

Another tactic employed by Masturbatrixes that allows them to dictate the pace is to set a time in which the submissive must orgasm. This time is usually within a few seconds to a minute and is usually chosen to be insufficient for the submissive to reach orgasm. When the allotted time is only a few seconds, the Masturbatrix can list each one while using humiliating prompts or mocking the submissive's helplessness to emphasize her own control of the situation.

Traditionally, this approach is used in techniques such as edging, where the submissive is brought to the brink of orgasm repeatedly but denied release. In other cases, on the contrary, the Masturbatrix may enforce forced orgasms, compelling the submissive to cum under their command and order post-orgasm stimulation, taking both the physical and psychological aspects to extremes.

A typical Masturbatrix's arsenal also includes dirty talk, verbal humiliation, and psychological attacks, including comments about the form, type, and size of the partner's penis and its uselessness for anything other than masturbation. Emphasizing the sexual worthlessness of the submissive is one of the most exploited themes, and some Masturbatrixes show incredible ingenuity in developing it.

Viewed historically, the methods that are associated with modern Masturbatrix's style of dominance date back to the early age of premium-rate phone numbers and paid video chats, where customers pay for time and the operator's goal is to keep them on the line as long as possible. This requires their arousal to be continuously nourished, and the orgasm should be delayed as long as possible. Hence the need to break the rhythm of self-stimulation with deliberate pauses, interludes filled with dirty talk and verbal humiliation, and, in general, to use every opportunity to prolong the act of masturbation while maintaining the level of arousal without which the clients would suddenly lose interest.

All these elements, developed through trial and error and proven to be effective over time, are now considered an integral part of controlled (forced) masturbation as a traditional BDSM practice and are used by many Dominant women in their intimate relationships to control their submissive partners.

See FemDom.