BDSM Guide

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Name for Professional Domme (for non-professionals see Domme) - a woman who dominates submissives or slaves for a fee. Meetings with Pro-Dommes are known as "sessions" and are usually of limited duration - from 30 minutes to 1, rarely 2-3 hours. They usually take place after a reservation requiring an interview, in which BDSM practices and scenarios that can be played are discussed in detail.

Most Pro-Dommes conduct their sessions with clients in more or less equipped spaces known as "dungeons" or "basements". Their equipment can include a rich leather or latex wardrobe for the Pro-Domme, as well as serious bondage equipment such as BDSM hoods, sleepsacks, strightjackets, whips and floggers, wooden and leather spanking paddles and many others. Many submissives (who are usually masochists) turn to the services of Professional Domme not so much because of the lack of a partner, but because of the opportunity to enjoy professional play and professional equipment.

Although they look extremely sexually attractive and the interaction with them implies a strong erotic impulse, Professional Dommes usually do not have sex with their clients. It is considered the industry standard and attempts to equate Pro-Dommes with prostitutes or sex workers would provoke an angry reaction.

Thanks to social networks and popular video channels on the Internet, many Pro-Dommes have star status.

For Male Professional Dominants, see Pro-Dom.