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Popular name for a person who experiences sexual pleasure from enduring physical pain and humiliation (see Masochism).

Although most masochists fantasize about cruel treatment and cruel punishment, not all pain and not all humiliating actions would be desirable and could be a complete source of pleasure for them. In fact, most masochists limit their sexual behavior to 3-4 (rarely more) BDSM practices related to causation, resp. enduring pain and humiliation and are rarely willing to step out of their comfort zone.

There is a special group of masochists (known as psychological masochists) who are excited not so much by the pain itself as by the possibility and ways of causing it. They play out complex scenarios with strict rules and many conditions and sub-conditions, the formal violation of which is associated with the threat of suffering one or another type of pain. The psychological masochist has an extremely detailed plan for how he should be treated and tortured, and usually puts his Sadist partner in a situation of neglecting his own needs while simply satisfying the masochist's desires.

In the BDSM context, Masochist is a person who is more excited about the physical side of the game than about its psychological aspects of power and obedience. In BDSM practice, however, pure masochists are rare and usually enduring painful effects is associated with the desire to be dependent and under control.
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