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Spanking skirt

The spanking skirt, also known as the "spank skirt" and "bare bottom skirt", is a pencil or hobble skirt that has a wide opening at the back through which the buttocks are displayed. It is usually made of fetishistic materials such as leather, PVC, latex. The purpose of the Spanking skirt is to allow spanking without taking off the garment.

Except the classic model bare bottom skirt with an opening on the back, there are spanking skirts that open the buttocks when performing a certain action, e.g. while bending or opening the zipper. In most cases, it is a miniskirt, which is so narrow and so short that when the wearer is bending, the skirt is raised to reveal the buttocks. Spanking miniskirts with a double zipper are designed on a similar principle, allowing partial or complete opening of the skirt without removing it from the body. Although there are also longer spanking skirts.

Although the name Spanking skirt suggests their use as specialized spanking clothing, wearing such skirts is associated with a highly erotic and fetishistic appearance, which has turned them from clothing designed for use by submissive female to extremely popular fetish for both men and women.