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Sweet Gwen hood

Sweet Gwen hood (also known as Gwendoline Bondage Hood and Sweet Gwen bondage hood) is a popular type of bondage hood, inspired by the work of the British fetish artist John Willie and his heroine Sweet Gwendoline, painted as a naive blonde girl with voluptuous forms, who is bound, placed in bondage, subjected to obedience training and treated as a sex object while wearing a provocative tight leather outfit.

The Sweet Gwen hood is traditionally made of genuine or artificial leather in form of a tight bondage hood with a small opening exposing part of the face, eyes and nose, but covering the mouth tightly to make speaking difficult. The fit of the hood to the shapes of the head is traditionally done with lacing on the back of the head. The classic Sweet Gwen hood looks extremely fetishistic and is often equipped with a ponytail tube through which the hair can be pulled out, forming an attractive ponytail.

Due to their attractive appearance, Sweet Gwen hoods are generally perceived more as fetish hoods than as bondage gear, although the model offers a high level of restriction and multiple possibilities when used as a bondage training tool.

In BDSM practice, Sweet Gwen hoods are often used for obedience training of female submissives and male crossdressers (see sissification), as well as as a fetish accessory by fetish models, bondage models and Pin-Up models.