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Sweet Gwendoline

A popular submissive and fetish character in BDSM culture, featuring a curvaceous, naive blonde who is tied, bound, subjected to obedience training, and treated as a sexual object while dressed in provocative tight leather outfits such as corsets, bondage hoods (see Sweet Gwen hood), tight leather dresses, leather houble skirts, leather mini skirts, leather maid uniforms and the indispensable opera leather gloves and extremely high heels.

Originally Sweet Gwendoline is a fetish art character created in the late 1940s by British fetish artist John Coutts (1902 - 1962), known by his creative pseudonym John Willie. The Sweet Gwendoline stories appeared as an illustrated series in a number of magazines from 1947 until the late 1950s.

The image of Sweet Gwendoline is often recreated by fetish models, bondage models, Pin-Up models and crossdressers.