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Water sports

Water sports, also known as "Golden showers", Piss play or just Pissing, is a popular name for a wide range of BDSM practices that involve urine and the excitement of playing with it (Urolagnia). This can include the act of urination on oneself or another person, watching someone urinate, and also acts related to collecting urine or consuming urine (Urofagia).

The term Water sports originated and gained popularity initially in BDSM gay communities before gaining wider exposure.

While it may seem extreme or disgusting to many people, it is a common fetish within the BDSM community (see Urophilia).

In Water sports, one or more partners urinate on another person for sexual arousal or sexual satisfaction. This can involve urinating directly on the body, in the mouth, or on specific areas such as the face, genitals, or breasts. Some people enjoy the sensation of being urinated on, while others enjoy the act of urinating on someone else. It can be a form of Domination and submission, or simply a way to satisfy a fetishistic urge related to dousing or consuming urine.

One of the reasons that Water sports are considered a BDSM practice is because it involves an element of domination and humiliation. For some people, the act of urination on another person or forcing him to drink urine in an erotic context is a form of power and control. The willingness of a passive partner to take on himself or in his mouth the urine of another person contains a strong element of humiliation, and taking pleasure from it is usually associated with masochism and acts of submission.

There are also a variety of specific Water sports activities that are popular within the BDSM community. These can include complex rituals associated with prolonged fluid intake and subsequent collection of urine in cups, and its drinking by the Dominant partner (before its final excretion in the act of urination on the submissive partner), or submissive partner (as a reward or as a form of humiliation) or by both partners. Urine collected and consumed in this way is often referred to as "champagne" or "ambrosia", and also the "Gift of Venus" when it is a part of FemDom scenarios.

Water sports can also be part of sensory play, where the sensation of warm urine on the skin is used to stimulate or arouse the body. Some practitioners also enjoy the sensation of urinating on themselves and wetting their clothing or may enjoy the act of watching someone else urinate.

Many BDSM practitioners who enjoy Water sports use specific equipment and clothing to facilitate the act of urinating on a partner or to collect and contain the urine for later use. This can include waterproof sheets, usually made of rubber or PVC, urine collection devices such as urinals or bed pans, and specialized clothing such as rubber or PVC outfits that are waterproof and able to withstand urine.

Since urine is a body fluid, it is important to follow safe and hygienic practices, such as using fresh urine and ensuring that both partners are free of sexually transmitted infections.

It is also good that aids such as bed sheets, urinals, and others are cleaned immediately after play to prevent the development of bacteria and fungi, which, when reused, can get on or in the body.

Drinking plenty of fluids before and during Water sports to produce more urine is a good practice as it dilutes it, but it should not be forgotten that this can be risky for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

Also, prolonged retention of urine should not be overdone as this puts a strain on the kidneys and bladder and can lead to serious complications in their work.
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