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X-play, pronounced "ex-play," is an acronym for extreme play - a general term for BDSM practices that involve a high degree of risk, pain, and intense psychological or emotional stimulation for the participants. It is very often taken to be synonymous with risky play or play that deliberately pushes the boundaries of what is considered safe or sane.

There is no exact definition of extreme play.

In many cases, even common BDSM practices such as bondage or sensual play can quickly become extremely risky if done without caution and care. On the other hand, some practices, like Knife play, Fire play, certain forms of Electro play, and Breath play, have inherent characteristics that make them riskier than others. It is important to note that the level of risk and the ability to manage it depends on various factors, including the experience and skills of the participants, their physical and psychological preparation, and most importantly, the degree of trust and communication between them.

For other forms of high-risk play, see Edge play and Consensual non-consent.