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Event in the context of BDSM is a gathering of people who are interested in bondage, domination, submission, and related alternative lifestyles. BDSM events can take many different forms, from small private gatherings to large-scale events or conventions.

BDSM events provide a space for people to explore their kinks and connect with others who share their interests. These events may include workshops, classes, demonstrations, and other educational activities designed to help participants learn new skills and deepen their understanding of BDSM as a culture or practice.

Many BDSM events also include play parties or dungeon spaces where participants can engage in consensual BDSM activities with each other. These spaces may be equipped with a variety of BDSM equipment, such as bondage furniture, spanking benches, or suspension rigs, and may have designated areas for different types of play or activities.

Some BDSM events, especially play parties, may require specific dress codes, such as requiring participants to wear leather, latex, or PVC clothing or other accessories that are commonly associated with BDSM such as corsets, collars, gloves, masks, harnesses, and etc. Other events, especially themed ones, may require specific colors (dark, red, white) or styles of clothing (1950s, Gothic, punk). This information is often available on the event's website or social media page to ensure that participants are dressed appropriately for the occasion.

BDSM events may be organized by individuals, clubs, or organizations, and may be open to the general public or limited to members or invited guests. It is important to note that BDSM events are typically only open to adults over the age of 18 (in Europe) and that all activities should be conducted with the principles of safe, sane, and consensual play in mind.

BDSM events can go by a variety of names depending on the specific type of event and its organizers. Some common types of BDSM events are:

Munches: A munch is a casual, non-sexual gathering of people in the BDSM community. Munches are often held in public places, such as restaurants or coffee shops, and provide an opportunity for members of the community to meet and socialize.

Workshop: BDSM workshops are educational events that focus on specific aspects of BDSM play, such as rope bondage, impact play, Dominance and submission, and others. These events may be led by experienced BDSM practitioners and provide an opportunity for attendees to learn new skills and techniques.

Play party: This is a gathering where BDSM activities are the main focus. Play parties can be hosted in private homes or rented spaces, and may have specific themes or activities.

Private party: This is a type of play party that typically takes in private homes or rented spaces but participants are limited to members or invited guests. If you are not invited, your presence at such an event would be unwanted.

Dungeon party: A dungeon party is a type of play party - public or private that typically takes place in a space designed specifically for BDSM play. These spaces may be equipped with bondage furniture, cages, and other BDSM equipment.

Fetish party (sometimes called Fetish ball): This is a more formal BDSM event where participants dress in fetish wear. Fetish balls may include performances, demonstrations, fashion shows, or other BDSM and fetish activities. As a rule, these events have a very strict dress code that emphasizes fetish or themed clothing.

Convention: BDSM conventions are larger-scale events that may span several days or even a week. These events may include workshops, performances, panel discussions, demonstrations, and vendor booths, as well as opportunities for socializing and play.

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