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A commonly used form of corporal punishment in BDSM, consisting of hits with a hand or with a suitable BDSM toy (usually on the buttocks). The impact toys used can vary from everyday items such as hairbrush or wooden spoon, typical for domestic discipline, to specially designed tools for applying strikes with different strength such as spanking paddles, leather straps and leather slappers.

In some cases, the Spanking itself can be independent source of sexual pleasure for the one receiving it (see Spankee).

Except for punishment, the Spanking can be used as corrective or encouraging tool, e.g. in obedience training.

Applying spanking usually requires the slapped partner to be naked or undressed before striking. There are fetish clothes, designed for receiving spanking such as spanking skirts or used for this purpose (e.g. mens leather jockstrap, motorcycle chaps).