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Short for Role-play Game.

Role-play games are a form of erotic play, very popular in BDSM, that involves acting out different scenarios and roles, usually in a highly sexual way. Role-play games can be an accessible and exciting way for partners to indulge their sexual fantasies by taking on certain roles, very different from their real life or types of behavior that they would never allow themselves in a normal situation.

In a BDSM context, these roles and scenarios often involve formal inequality between partners and a pronounced active side, which usually corresponds to the Dominant partner, and a weaker, passive, or vulnerable side which is usually reserved for the submissive partner.

Of course, there are also role-playing scenarios where partners can occupy comparable initial positions and equally struggle for supremacy over the other, or even assume roles that are very different from the usual power dynamics in their Dominance & submission relationship, but these cases are rare in BDSM practice.

The scenarios that are acted out during BDSM role play can vary widely, depending on the interests and fantasies of the partners. Some common scenarios and themes include Teacher/student, Doctor/patient or Nurse/patient, Client/prostitute or Client/stripper, Boss/secretary or Employer/job applicant, Police officer/criminal or Torturer/victim (see Interrogation scenario), and of course, Master/slave or Mistress/slave, which are some of the most commonly performed roles by couples who are not deeply engaged in BDSM.

Each of these scenarios can be customized according to the ideas and desires of the partners and can include elements of dominance, discipline, humiliation, and other BDSM practices such as spanking, bondage, and verbal degradation. They may also include various forms of fetish play, such as boot worship, medical play, water sports, and various forms of leather, latex, or PVC fetishism.

The participants may dress up in specific outfits or costumes that correspond with their chosen roles, such as medicine and police uniforms, business suits, and others, or just fetish wear that mimics them. They may also use specific props (such as a wooden pointer and blackboard, baton and handcuffs, stethoscopes and speculums, and similar), to create a more immersive and realistic experience. The partners may also incorporate different BDSM toys and equipment into their play, such as leather cuffs, collars, and whips, or improvise using props and devices according to the nature of their scenario.

Other popular role-play scenarios in BDSM include Owner/pet, Daddy/little or Mommy/little, Repairman/housewife, Military officer/private, Kidnapper/victim, Prison guard/prisoner, Psychoanalyst/patient, Exhibitionist/voyeur, Priest/sinner or Nun/sinner, Celebrity/fan, Alien/human, Goddess/worshipper and many more.

Regardless of the specific scenario, BDSM roleplay can be an accessible and acceptable way for many people to express their innermost desires and indulge their deepest fantasies. Planning and preparation for the RPG scene can be a difficult but very intimate experience for every couple, because it requires openness, honesty, and a willingness to discuss all kinds of details, including those that most people would find difficult to share in other settings.

Role-playing allows partners to take on different personas and create realistic situations filled with lots of eroticism, drama, and excitement. However, the use of costumes and props should not mislead you. Roleplay is just a game, and safety and respecting your partner's boundaries should always be a priority.