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Kajira is a BDSM term originating from the Gorean subculture, used to describe a female slave specially trained and initiated in the art of serving and obeying her Master. The Gorean subculture is based on the fictional world of Gor, created by writer John Lange, better known by his pen name John Norman, and his series of fantasy novels about Gor, the first of which was published in 1966.

In the fictional world of Gor, a kajira is a female slave who is trained in specific skills, behaviors, rituals, and body positions, and who exists solely to serve and please her Master. Kajiras are often depicted as highly sexualized and sexually objectified and are expected to be obedient, efficient, and completely devoted to their Master's wishes and needs.

The kajira is expected to embody the ideal of feminine beauty and grace, which is reflected in the clothing she wears and in her appearance. The kajira may be required to dress in revealing or sexually provocative clothing, wear BDSM collars and bondage cuffs, body harnesses, leather lingerie, or even be naked, demonstrating in public her vulnerability and availability to her Master.

In addition to physical appearance, a Kajira's behavior is governed by a set of strict protocols, rituals, and commands. These may include rules regarding posture, speech, movement, and even the use of certain honorifics or titles when addressing her Master or other Masters. Attention to detail and precision in following these protocols are highly valued, as they demonstrate Kajira's dedication, discipline, and commitment to her role.

Emotionally and psychologically, a kajira embodies an array of qualities that complement her position as a slave. She is expected to be obedient, humble, and respectful at all times, prioritizing the needs and desires of her Master above her own. Her primary focus is on fulfilling his wishes and bringing them pleasure, which can manifest in various forms, including sexual gratification on demand.

The training of a kajira can take many forms, including physical and psychological conditioning, as well as the learning of various skills such as erotic dancing, massages, and sophisticated sexual techniques. The use of non-verbal commands - gestures, gaze, voice modulation - is particularly characteristic of the kajira's training. The goal of this training is to create a perfect female slave who is able to anticipate her Master's every desire and fulfill it without question.

Despite her sexual appearance and demonstrative sexual behavior, the role of a kajira extends beyond the realm of simple sexual servitude. The kajira may be responsible for performing various domestic tasks, such as cleaning, cooking, or running errands, with the intention of relieving her Master of domestic or mundane responsibilities and providing a sense of security, comfort, and fulfillment.

Non-sexual services of kajira are not solely limited to household chores but also encompass emotional support, companionship, and intimacy. The kajira is expected to be completely obedient to her Master's wishes, whether they be sexual or emotional, and to serve him with complete devotion and submission. In a more general plan, the role of the kajira is to unreservedly love her Master in the best possible way without receiving and expecting reciprocity.

The Gorean subculture is often criticized for its treatment of women and for its emphasis on routine male Dominance and natural female submission. Proponents of the Gorean lifestyle argue that it offers a consensual and structured form of D/s relationship, with clear boundaries and rules that are agreed upon by both partners.

In BDSM practice, the concept of kajira is generally viewed broadly depending on the partners' degree of commitment to the Gorean subculture. Some practitioners, inspired by the psychological side, try to follow as closely as possible the rules, roles, rituals, and etiquette as they are presented in the Gore novels, making them the basis on which they build their relationships, while for others it is just a beautiful role-playing game with its own specific rules, symbolism, and meaning. What all kajiras strive for, however, is the attainment of total devotion to their Master, like the character they identify with.

The term kajira refers only to a female slave. The derived masculine form of the name is kajirus.