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Leather Master

A Leather Master is a term used in BDSM to describe a male Dominant who incorporates leather clothing and accessories into his BDSM activities. Leather is a popular material in BDSM culture and especially leather gay culture, and it is often associated with power, strength, and dominance.

A Leather Master may wear leather clothing such as pants, vests, harnesses, and boots, as well as use leather restraints, whips, and other BDSM tools made of leather. The leather material can add an element of visual and sensory stimulation to BDSM play, as the texture, smell, and sence of leather can be very arousing for many people.

The term "Leather" has a historical significance in the North American BDSM community, as it was originally used to describe gay men who were into sadomasochism and leather fetish wear.

For this reason in popular culture, the figure of Leather Master often includes many elements of leather culture, such as motorcycle culture or the leather subculture that emerged in the North American gay community in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

In BDSM practice, the term Leather Master is more popular in BDSM gay community and is usualy used by Professional Dominants (see Pro-Dom).
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